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Plant Based Multivitamins. Our Recommendations.

350 products in the shop. Where to begin? Why not try one of our plant-based multivitamin products?


We have an entry-level multi, and a premium. Something for everyone. With either of them you get more than vitamins and minerals. You get the extra health benefits of plant-based nutrients. Nearly 6,000 acres of certified organic farms. The company has complete control from seed to supplement! There are so many benefits in plant ingredients vs synthetic vitamins. One significant benefit is PHYTONUTRIENTS. Be the healthiest you can be and boost your immunity with either of these two recommendations from Paul and Hilde:

Daily Multivitamin

Daily vitamins minerals
  • This multivitamin mineral is super affordable. Yet you get 23 vitamins & minerals, plus 63 mg of whole plant ingredients for phytonutrient benefits beyond vitamins and minerals. 1 per day (cost per use $0.35). Retail: $63 + HST (180 tablets, 6 month supply for 1 person). Canadian funds. (US products also available. Ask us). Price per month works out to $10.50 + HST.

Interested in club pricing? We have memberships. Contact Paul and Hilde here to request info.

Premium Multivitamin

Double X multivitamin
  • This is the ultimate multivitamin, Super immune support and general health support. Contains the full range of vitamins & minerals plus natural plant ingredients in every color on the phytonutrient spectrum from 22 plant concentrates. Retail: $101 + HST (1 month supply). Canadian funds. (US products also available. Ask us).
Nutrilite farms, from seed to supplement

Almost 6,000 acres of organic farms. The very best from Mother Nature!

Whether you order “Daily” multivitamin or “Premium,” you get an abundance of plant concentrates from our farms.

More Products

Our full shop has 350 additional products. From toothpaste to shampoo to laundry detergent. Ask us for the link

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